Participating Medical Insurances

  • Medicare (and some Medicare Advantage Plans)
  • CareFirst–Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna Medical (NOT AETNA VISION)
  • Cigna PPO (not HMO) (NOT CIGNA VISION)


NOTE: Please check with your insurance to see if we are in your plan. Insurance companies do not give our office the ability to see if we are in someone’s plan. You are responsible for all balances your insurance does not cover.


Participating Vision Plans

  • Davis Vision (Blue Cross Blue Shield)
  • As of October 30  2023 I will no longer participate with Davis Vision, also known as Blue Vision.

As of 05/16/2022, I do NOT participate with Spectera (United Healthcare Vision)

Please note that I do not participate with Vision Service Plan (VSP)




A VISION PLAN covers a pre-paid routine eye exam. It is COMPLETELY SEPARATE from medical insurance. A routine eye exam includes a check of vision and prescription of glasses, along with a screening exam of eye health. A routine exam DOES NOT INCLUDE A CONTACT LENS CHECK OR PRESCRIPTION FOR CONTACT LENSES.


If you are coming in with symptoms such as redness, pain, itching or discharge, this is a MEDICAL eye exam which IS NOT COVERED BY VISION PLANS. Some patients may come in for a medical condition such as cataracts, glaucoma, or diabetes while also wanting a routine exam for glasses. In this case, they would have a routine exam for a vision check, as well as a medical exam for their medical diagnosis. Most medical insurance will cover a medical exam, although co-pays and deductibles may apply.