About Us

Originally I am from the Midwest, but moved to the Washington, DC area in 1981 to begin my ophthalmology residency at the Washington Hospital Center. After finishing the residency in 1984, I joined William Foote M.D. in his practice located on Connecticut Avenue near Chevy Chase Circle in Washington DC. Dr. Foote had been in practice since 1945 and was a gentleman and a great role model. In addition he was an avid Washington football¬† fan as well as a good tennis player who followed the game with interest. He retired in 1989 and I was a solo physician until 1993 when I joined a group with Dr’s Mark Whitten, Robert Day and Walter Patterson (no relation to me!). The group had four offices including two in Virginia, and I spent too much time on the road, so in 1997 I left the group to resume my solo practice.

Since that time my main office has been in Bethesda, Maryland. My preference of medical care is to keep the number of patients small enough which allows me to work without a technician at the Bethesda office. 

My home is in North Arlington and I am proud to be the father of two grown children. One of the activities that I enjoy outside of work is hiking with my wife. Our favorite hikes include the C&O canal and starting near the Cathedral in Northwest DC continuing through Rock Creek Park and Georgetown. In addition to hiking I am an avid reader, with Lord of the Rings at the top of my list. During the warm months, golf is very relaxing for me although I wish my scores were better!